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How to recycle compostable packaging

In fact, concerns over inefficient waste management have sparked a so-called eco-awakening, with consumers urging businesses to find a solution to reducing the amount of non-sustainable packaging that ends up in landfill. There’s no doubt that compostable packaging will play an integral role in creating a truly circular economy. After all, compostable solutions ensure that packaging materials can be returned safely to earth, ‘closing the loop’. Having said that, improper disposal of compostable packaging could … Read more

Is paper packaging eco-friendly?

However, the subject of paper bags’ eco-friendliness sparked controversy, with many worried that the environmental gains wouldn’t be enough to justify the losses. So, how eco-friendly is paper packaging really? Can paper packaging be damaging to the environment? Paper is certainly not without its own environmental drawbacks. These start with the paper manufacturing process. After the pulping and bleaching stages, some paper mills get rid of their waste product. This waste is a mix of … Read more

What are the problems with recycling plastic?

There is growing concern amongst recyclers that our recycling efforts are not enough and that, perhaps, plastic is too problematic to recycle. Whether you own a supermarket or eCommerce store, your consumers end up with large quantities of packaging in their homes every year. And regardless of whether your consumers are avid recyclers or not, many of us know very little about where our plastic waste ends up. Is it actually repurposed or is it … Read more