Packaging rebrands are important due to the necessity of staying up to date with current trends, adapting your branding as your company progresses and develops. What looked great when you set up all those years ago may begin to look a little dated today.

So, following in the footsteps of McDonald’s and KFC, Burger King has revamped its branding and turned to Turner Duckworth, the design company responsible for Coca-Cola, Levi’s and Amazon revamps. Turner Duckworth’s work complements each brand individually and knows how to build on a brand’s reputation in order to enhance it and increase popularity.

Re-designing an already iconic brand like Burger King is a challenge in itself. The inspiration for the ‘Be Your Way’ revamp comes from the popular flame-grilled burgers. Being flame-grilled, each one comes out a little differently, a little more unique or imperfect every time. Burger King’s aim from this revamp is to encourage customers to be themselves, even if that means being a little imperfect every time.

The illustrations on the new Burger King cups define what each coffee size means and how it’ll make you feel; alarm clock for small, light bulb for medium and lightening bolt for large. The food boxes and paper wraps continue this theme and give the brand and packaging a little more character.

Creating this personal feel to a global brand like Burger King helps to attract new customers and keep them coming back. It creates a small, family atmosphere to a brand giant. Packaging with character not only appeals to the consumer, but with Burger King, there is an added feature to help the kitchen staff perfectly align the ‘imperfect’ and unique burgers on the paper every time. The burger flipper is exactly central, allowing for some very easy continuity across the restaurants.

According to Turner and Duckworth, it creates “iconic visual identities and packaging for consumer brands.” In the case of Burger King, that’s exactly the case. Whilst keeping the essence of the Burger King brand alive and working with the colour schemes, Turner and Duckworth have added a new flavour and a more friendly tone to the brand’s packaging.

As packaging specialists, we know all too well how important it is to adapt your packaging needs as your business grows. It’s great to see such a world famous brand celebrate its use of packaging and really have some fun with it. We hope that other brands follow suit and embrace the packaging possibilities.


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