To give a little back to our community, we support the local cricket team. In some cities, community groups are set up to help enhance the prospects of the younger generation and businesses will help train them ready for the working world. All these acts fall under the CSR way of working and it’s important that companies do all they can to give back considering that local support is often essential to the success of a well run business.

There are plenty of ways to keep your business eco-friendly; turning off the lights and recycling correctly being two of the most common. But, in a fresh attempt to stay environmentally friendly, The Coca-Cola Company has designed a PET plastic bottle which is made entirely from plant-based materials, taking recyclable packaging to the next level.

Back in 2009, Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle was launched using 30% plant materials; today it is made from 100% plant materials. Displayed at the World Expo in Milan, this is a world first for the plastic packaging industry.

More traditional methods of making rigid plastic packaging tend to use a lot of fossil fuels and non-renewable materials. The Coca-Cola Company is the first to take a leap into using fully re-usable plant based alternatives. The new technology used to create this packaging converts natural sugars found in the plants and turns them into the ingredients for PET plastic bottles.

Whilst looking and functioning like traditional plastic bottles, the fully plant based version is far better for the planet and creates less of a carbon footprint. The Coca-Cola Company really is doing its bit to save the planet and to abide by environmentally friendly ways of working.

We’ve written about The Coca-Cola Company in the past and when it comes to being green or winning at the PR game, the company really knows how to get on board with current social and economical trends. As packaging specialists, we fully support any kind of innovative packaging moves and we cannot wait to see what the new bottles look and feel like. This step towards a greener packaging future is certainly one we are backing and looking to emulate.


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