As packaging specialists, we know that iconic packaging can raise your brand or product awareness way above its competitors. Being able to recognise a brand from just a hint of its image shows just how much impact you have in your field. Great packaging is key to being noticed and recognised.

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Пищевые отходы в Великобритании являются огромной проблемой. Британцы каждый год выбрасывают 4 млн тонн пригодной для потребления еды и напитков.

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The majority of businesses are now familiar with the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For those that aren’t, it’s essentially a code of conduct, or sense of responsibility, which ensures all companies practise in the most environmentally and community friendly way at all times. CSR is a form of self-regulation to ensure a business complies with national ‘norms’ and adheres to social, environmental, legal and ethical issues where appropriate. At Tyler Packaging, we take it very seriously.

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Food waste in the UK is a huge issue. Britons apparently throw away 4m tonnes of consumable food and drink every year.

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We all know how important it is to recycle properly and ensure we all practise sustainable ways of living. Almost all packaging companies are on board with how to recycle and clear instructions are on the back of all packets. Here at Tyler Packaging, we recognise when a company starts doing its bit to help the environment and, recently, McVitie’s has caught our eye.

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