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Milpac Sacks

Milpac sacks are designed for use in applications where fast venting during filling is required. The design is such that the sacks can easily be filled with fine powders at high speed. Unlike a conventional valve sack, these sacks are made from two plies of polythene which give the sack greater resistance to bursting. Offset microperforations in the two plies enable air to vent from the sack during filling but prevent the powder from escaping.

The sacks are produced in a variety of sizes with modified polymers which lower the melt temperature of the film. This technology enables the product to be used as a batch inclusive sack and is of particular use in applications where fine powders such as road marking paint or tyre manufacturing require the addition of powdered materials to be included in the production process. The sacks are designed to melt and homogenise with the powder during the heating process which eliminates the problem of powder escaping into the air.

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Milpak Sacks
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Product Features

  • Icon Batch Inclusion

    Icon Batch Inclusion

    Enables expulsion of trapped air in packs.
  • Embossing


  • Resin Grade 4 LDPE

    Resin Grade 4 LDPE

  • Batch Inclusion

    Batch Inclusion

  • Valve Filling

    Valve Filling


    • Bedding


    • Adhesives


    • Detergents


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